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Network Rules


This is where we lay down the server rules that must be followed or face the consequences. Not every scenario will be listed. Please use your best judgement when playing on the server. Just because a specific action is not covered does not mean we do not reserve the right to punish depending on the violation.

Inappropriate Content

This server is strictly PG-13. You may not discuss any content related to drugs, politics, sexual references, or other mature topics. Additionally, mentioning death and/or suicide is strictly forbidden in private or normal chat.


As stated, this server is a PG-13 server. Swearing is allowed, however excessive swearing is not allowed. Keep in mind that there are some words that some people may find more offensive that intended and if reported there will be consequences.

Hatred and/or Discrimination

Any reference to hateful or discriminatory movements, ideas, symbols, stereotypes, groups, or figures is not tolerated what so ever. The use of any hateful or discriminatory phrases and slurs is also strictly prohibited. The use of the term “gay” in a negative context is deemed homophobia on our server.


Targeting a player using verbal insults or name-calling repeatedly is harassment. Threatening other players in any way is harassment. Refusal to leave a plot or island is also harassment if the owner of the plot or island has asked you to leave. Fighting or spawn killing someone after the player has asked you to stop is harassment.


Advertising another Minecraft server IP or name will result in a ban. Advertising non-Nine Realms Network affiliated links, including websites and discord links, are not allowed. You are only allowed to post your YouTube or Twitch links if you are streaming on the server – this should be limited to once an hour. Anything more than this will be considered advertising.


Threats towards any player or staff member on the server will not be tolerated. This goes for any threats to slow, crash, or attack the server. Threats of DDoSing the server will result in a permanent ban. Threatening to harm another player or staff member will result in a permanent ban. This includes the releasing of personal information.


Impersonating staff is not allowed. This means saying you are a staff member, or changing your name to the name of a staff member claiming you are them. Claiming to have the abilities that are those of a staff member is not allowed. Impersonating players is also not allowed. If you happen to mimic/impersonate a player in good fun or maliciously, and the player being impersonated asks you to stop, you must.

Staff Disrespect

Disrespecting a staff member is not tolerated and will result in a ban. If you disrespecting staff was a result of a staff member being rude you you then place a report about that staff member and it will be investigated and proper actions will be taking to alleviate the situation and may result in you being unbanned.

Texture Packs

Any texture packs, such as XRAY, which gives unfair advantages are not permitted on ANY server in the network.

Third Party Alts

The use of third-party websites to obtain alts is not allowed. Any account(s) you use from these websites will result in a ban. This goes for free or paid alts from these websites. The only Minecraft accounts allowed on the Nine Realms Network are those obtained directly from Mojang.

Hacked Client

Hacking or the use of illegitimate/hacked clients of any form is not allowed. This includes the use of fancy chat.

Block Glitching

Using any method to make impossible movements, such as walking/jumping on blocks you try to place in a location you do not have access to build, is not allowed.


If you are deemed to be automatically clicking using any sort of method, you are subject to punishment. This includes using any sort of keyboard macros or rebinding keys.


Using a server glitch/bug to your advantage is exploiting. If you think you have found a bug, please report to senior staff via a support ticket. Do not try to recreate it!

Alt Limit

Having more than 5 accounts on the same IP that have joined the server will result in a ban. Having more than 3 accounts online at a time on the server also will result in a ban.

Ban or Muted Evasion

Evading bans or mutes is not allowed. Accessing the server on another account after being banned is evasion. This idea applies to mutes as well.

General Cheating/ Unfair Advantages

Optifine is the only mod allowed. AFK grinding, mining, or fishing of any form is considered cheating and is not allowed howsoever accomplished. Schematica printer is also not allowed.


Scamming players of Real-Life money or accounts is not allowed. Advertising trades involving purchases using hard currency are not allowed on our network. (ex: “I will give you this Spawner Egg if you buy me a Rank!”).

Inappropriate Skins/Usernames

As this is a PG-13 server, it should go without saying that any skin or username that violates the above rules will not be tolerated.